Businesses prosper in St. Martin Parish with assistance from a skilled and available workforce!

Businesses are choosing to grow in St. Martin for a number of reasons, like location accessibility afforded by strong local infrastructure. But the availability of a skilled and eager-to-learn workforce is the primary driver backing local business success. That workforce has a strong institutional knowledge of manufacturing due to the local history as an oil field parish. Those skills developed over years of experience are easily transferable to other industry segments and business sectors.

Additionally, Louisiana does an excellent job of continuous development of its workforce. In fact, Louisiana Economic Development’s FastStart is a workforce training and development program which has been recognized as #1 in the nation for 12 consecutive years by Business Facilities magazine.

Finally, the potential for accessing that skilled workforce is high, as many currently commute to Lafayette for employment but would prefer to stay home and avoid a commute with jobs your business would bring. 

Learn today what St. Martin’s workforce can do for your business!